The 7 Stages of (Relationship) Grief

Tonight I write upon request. A request for a topic that,luckily,I can relate to.

I have an amazing, gorgeous friend who loves love and is just like me, going from one sad excuse of a man to the other. Even though we’re a couple hundred miles apart right now, he knows I’m still there for him with my blunt outbursts of reality.He recently came to me with boy trouble and as soon as we ended our conversation he asked for me to write about it.

I was a bit reluctant at first. Now, at midnight and with no sleep in the horizon, I got the inspiration to write about this.

I’ll be frank. Most of us hopeless romantics see what we want to see where there’s nothing. We meet this “wonderful” guy, talk to him on a daily basis and even have cute nicknames for each other. We start to secretly hope that “this is is the one” and think that “finally my family will stop asking me if I’m thinking about joining a convent”. Few weeks pass and to us, EVERYTHING IS WONDERFUL, everything is going at a perfect pace. Just to have our dreams crushed and all our hopes thrown down the drain.

Usually, we go through, what I call, the stages of relationship grief. These are sort of like the stages of grief we normally go through but more realistic to what goes around in our heads when something doesn’t work out. (*Disclaimer: I made this up myself, if it has any resemble to anything remotely similar out there, I apologize….)

Some people skip a few of these (from what I’ve seen) But we all go through this..

  • Denial

This happens when everything is going downhill. We see the signs but we don’t want to accept it. We vent to our friends about how much of an ass he’s being, and how bad everything seems to be and that you’ll give him a chance at it. BAD IDEA.

  • Doubting ourselves

This is honestly one of the worst things we do when something doesn’t work out. We start questioning ourselves and start looking for things WE might have done wrong. The most frequent thoughts we have are: “Could it be that I demanded too much attention”; “Did I smother him too much?”; “I should’ve put out when I had the chance, right?”; “Why did I put out so fast?”;”I talk to much”; “did i bore him?”; “i’m just too fat”; “could it be something I said?” and so on. These are infinite.

Doubting ourselves is harmful for us. Yes, being rejected can be a blow to our self-esteem but it doesn’t have to be that way.

  • Over-analyzing

And I mean EVERYTHING. Every outing, every hang out at either one’s house. Every call, every text. Even mentions. You start analyzing his behavior when you guys hung out with his friends and thing he said to you when you were alone. EVERY SINGLE DETAIL. Just to know where did it go wrong or if he ever gave off some vibe that explains his current non-commitment behavior.

  • Stalking

We’ve all done this. We check his every move to see if he’s with another girl/guy. Who is this person and is this hussy prettier than you. You casually drive by his house or his job and keep an eye on his social media feed 24/7. THIS IS SCARY. But hey, we all go through this. Happens more when there’s no closure.

  • Relapse

“You ever hear the one about the junkie who was satisfied with just one hit of the good stuff?”

Oh our dearest frenemy. This bitch of a stage makes it all difficult. If we fall for this one, we have to start all over again and it suuuucks.. It becomes a vicious cycle. “I’ll give him another chance” “I know he’s changed” “he wont do it again, he promised” “He is in a better place in his life right now” “maybe this time we’ll do it right” and the best of them all… “It’s just to hook up”.. no matter which one we use, RELAPSE IS RELAPSE.

  • Wallow

This I learned from Gilmore Girls. WE ALWAYS NEED TO WALLOW. Cry a little.. or a lot. Your choice. Crying is cathartic. It is good for the soul and it takes you right to next step. This is what we all should do from the beginning but noooo, we are women/men who need to torture ourselves.

  • Best thing I never had(ACCEPTANCE)

Cause it sucks to be him right now, right? This is the final stage and my favorite. I rather be going through this stage than doubting myself. Although, this one does mask the other. Here is when you are at the point were the fact that this douchebag rejected you does not phase you. You’re at that place where you know you’re better off without him and he’s missing out. He’s the one that’s going to be regretting leaving someone as great as you for someone that doesn’t have shit on you, while you are doing you and meeting men who will make him look like that bacteria that lives in the darkest spot of the ocean inside the ass of a dead sharks carcass..

Like I said before, not everyone goes through all of these stages. I usually skip right to acceptance and so does my lovely GBF.   Word of advice to you, my lovely readers, is to hold on when this happens. Rejection feels horrible, but it makes us stronger and helps us obtain more clarity as to what we really want in life, what we yearn for. So be strong and remember, you are the most beautiful person on earth and that one person doesn’t like you how you wish they did, is completely and absolutely irrelevant.

Love you all..



Little Miss Impulsive

Webster’s dictionary defines Impulsive as doing things or tending to do things suddenly and without careful thought.. in other words acting or tending to act on impulse.

If you know me well, impulsive is the first word that comes to mind when asked to describe me.

I must admit that my impulsiveness isn’t really something done regularly but rather momentarily, nope… Situational, definitely situational. Why? Because I act upon my emotions. Doesn’t matter what happens.. I always end up doing something impulsive.

Like for example:

 Let’s go back to B. Like I said, B is a complicated fucktard. First time we had issues, I deleted him from my address book. I didn’t want to have his number at hand, because knowing me and my eternal weakness to assholes, I would end up calling or texting him. Eventually, and I am sad to admit, I added him again to my address book. He texted me and I added his number. So we were back to ground zero: me trying to get him to want a relationship again. Once again we had a situation, right after fooling around twice. This time, I erased him from the following: Facebook, Instagram and my address book… AGAIN. Months passed and came the fateful day. He texted me through snapchat.. We hung out shit happened he became a dickhead again… GONE FROM MY LIFE FOREVER… until once again he texted me and tried to do something again, but then decided it was best or us to stop contact all together.. He beat me to the punch.

Now C. C is really something. We had an issue and I got so pissed that I erased him from my life, except Snapchat. I can’t erase people from there, it’s my only way to show them that IDGAF about what happened and I’m Ok.. or at least pretend. So yeah, I erased him from everywhere, pictures we took, I got rid of it all. I didn’t want anything from him or that reminded me of him. So now, I regret doing that. Why? I looked damn good in those pictures and I want them back, but besides that.. Those are memories I want to keep..


With A, it’s different. I want to say I’m sorry, but I don’t think I did anything wrong. I miss him, he was one of my best friends and I confided in him. But he hates me now and I don’t know what to do. It’s too late anyway..

I know this is short and not as funny as the first post. But I needed to let this out of my chest. It’s good to talk about how I feel about myself, and I rather write down my feelings instead of going out and doing something crazy.