Dear Mr. Donald Trump

Dear Mr. Trump,

I am deeply offended by your campaign. When I first heard you were running for presidency, I laughed and my first thought was “What the hell is going through Trump’s head? Is he serious?”. I never thought it could get worse than your stupid reality TV show, or your very noticeable toupe. I am also deeply offended by what you decided to call all of us, kids from latin americans. I AM NOT AN ANCHOR BABY! My parent’s did not decide to have me here so they could have their citizenship secure. My father was already a citizen when I was born and my mother was really close to getting hers. So once again, I AM NOT AN ANCHOR BABY!

I feel sad for you. I really do. It seems like you have forgotten that this country was brought up by illegal immigrants who stole the land, raped and murdered native americans. The only person I would accept these arguments from is and will always be a Native American and in some cases MEXICANS. Why? BECAUSE WE STOLE THEIR LAND! I say we because I AM A NORTH AMERICAN. I was born in this country, I LIVE HERE, and I have all the right to say that I am North American.

It really pisses me off how you diss the people who work so hard to keep this country running. Do you know why hispanics are “stealing”  jobs? BECAUSE THE “WHITE” AMERICANS ARE LAZY AND DO NOT WANT TO WORK. They are spoiled. They rather live off of welfare than work. Did you know that the vast majority of homeless people I see on a daily basis is white? Do you want to know what race and skin color that the few guys I know that deal drugs are?WHITE.. MIDDLE OR HIGH CLASS WHITES.

I am HISPANIC, and I will not tolerate you degrading my race because of some stupid hatred of yours. You honestly remind me of some German asswipe who thought he was above an entire race. Is that where you’re aiming towards? another holocaust? Your entire campaign revolves in changing the constitution, removing the 14th Amendment and then deporting 11 million people from the US plus build a border that will obviously leave the country in bankruptcy.

I honestly believe this is because of some personal vendetta. Does it bother you that there’s a man in Mexico who’s richer than you? Smarter than you? and obviously more grounded than you will ever be? Does it bother you? If you just want to prove a point you’re doing it the wrong way. You’ve lost the vote of the “minority”. Without us, you won’t win. I’d rather vote for Busch any day before I vote for you. I can’t stand the thought that you have gotten into the minds of many americans with all these false promises. You’re lying to your country. Why don’t you fix the school system? Oh yeah, because if you do that’ll mean that the country will be smart enough to make their own decisions and understand that you, sir, are full of crap.

I really hope someone throws a shoe at you at a conference just like they did to Busch. You deserve it more than he did.

Oh and just so you know, I hate you more than I hate Prof Umbridge. And TRUST ME, that’s A LOT!

Worst of luck on your campaign,

Alice Ayres.


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